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Agent Registration

Get up to 30% commission on all first time projects, 10% on repeat business and bonus commissions!

It's a win win situation and a great opportunity to earn an un-capped risidual income, we'll be happy to have you onboard.
Follow the 3 steps below, as soon as you've created your Agent account you can start making money by recommending us to anyone that requires our services.

More information on making money referring our web services can be found here.



Step 1

Get an Agent Account & ID

Create your profile using the form below to obtain your Agent ID number. This is extremelely important as it's used to form an association between you and your Client's invoices. You can create multiple Clients for multiple commissions.


Step 2

Create your Client's Account

Next you will need to create or get your Client to create an account here. If they register themselves make sure they use your Agent ID number; this is your responsability as an Agent to secure your incom with us. Your client will then be contacted.


Step 3

Monitor your Commissions

After your Client has been registered, we will approach them about their requirements and invoice them before the project commences. You can login here to see a list of all your commissions accrued from each of your Client invoices.

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Testimonials | Client Feedback

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We often outsource Web Design work to RinatoMedia.
They're so reliable, well priced and can digest a brief coming up brilliantly unique Web Designs in a short space of time. I have absolute faith they will continue to produce more creativley sound work as our companies grow side by side.

Mark Collett - View Work
GM at Source By Design

RinatoMedia helped rebrand and launch all of our Business Services.
We were referred to them by some associates who they also did a fantastic job for, and so far we're happy to have chosen them to push all of our service lines. They gave us a great price for a unified Web Design and Web Hosting Package, we will definately referr them to our business contacts.
Ammar Azam - View Work
CEO of OWG Group Plc

RinatoMedia never fail to deliver on time with 100% satisfaction.
They also deal with all our Web Hosting which is something I don't have time to deal with. Overall, I'm very happy with their professional and friendly services, they're a great bunch of down to earth people dedicated to their profession.
Steve Mayne - View Work
MD at IPR Capital