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Graphic Design & Branding

Graphic Design is the art of clear visual communication, styling and problem solving through the use of text and image.  We build brands that people will believe in.

Building a brand is not just about ideas and creativity. At Rinato Media we develop brands that will be seen as special in the eyes of your customer, making sure that any design done for your business is unique and reflects your brand personality through simple and effective Graphic Design.

Branding and Logos

We build brands that people will believe in. So where does the magic begin?

When your companie is positioned right and aligned with your target market, you can expect more leads and a larger client base. You need a brand which lets people know exactly what you’re about, basically stereotyping your business visually as something people can instantly relate to and feel that they can can trust.

When conducting a Branding project, we look at your target market, your unique selling points, your brand ethos and what you represent. We will then communicate this in the form of a unique, carefully placed logo and brand identity. This starting point sets the tone for everything else that will visually represents your brand.

Branding Process

We like our clients to get involved as much as possible in the branding process.  By creating a number of provisional designs we can mutually agree on which route is best for your brand, from here we begin an additional selection processes to fine tune and craft chosen variations. The end product is a mutually agreed upon brand design shaped your preference with our expertise and design skills.

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Graphic Design

Design for Print

Print Design is basically design for anything that you might need printing!

Perhaps you need some business collateral such as Business Cards, Letterheads, Flyers or Posters. Whatever it might be, it’s an extension of your brand and we make sure all designs and ideas reflect your brand personality, with fast communication and high impact. We also have good relations with Printer companies, so if you want hassle free print services, we’ll make sure that the only thing you need to worry about is signing on delivery.

Design for Web

Graphic Design will always be an extension of your brand.

The Internet can be a crowded place so it’s important for your design to efficiently capture your viewer’s attention and communicate your message instantly. You might want web banners for your own site, or banners to advertise on other websites, original Icons and buttons, visual backgroundsor a micro website with a unique design.  We can facilitate all Design requirements for your web needs.

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The art of advertising is complex, the finished visual is simple.

When we create an advert on behalf of our clients, we always like to focus on a truth about your brand and present the message in a way that engages with your target market to make them feel something.  A successful advert has a solid strategy executed with visual brilliance.


The best results come from asking the right questions.

What do you want to communicate? How do you want them to feel?  Where do we want our message to be? How should we measure their response? There’s a lot to think about when it comes to engaging with your target market on a deeper level. After asking the most appropriate questions, we start to develop and conceptualise the most appropriate answers. As soon as we have your gem idea, we have the power to capture and engage with your target market.


The execution needs to coincide with the strategy and communicate the message with visual excellence.

So now that we have the answer and all the ground work complete, it’s time to communicate that by preparing the advert for take-off in the most exciting, impacting way. Whether it’s an Advert for a Magazine, Bilboard, Bus, Direct Mail… the visual concept and execution should ideally lend to the media it will be seen on.

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Testimonials | Client Feedback

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We often outsource Web Design work to RinatoMedia.
They're so reliable, well priced and can digest a brief coming up brilliantly unique Web Designs in a short space of time. I have absolute faith they will continue to produce more creativley sound work as our companies grow side by side.

Mark Collett - View Work
GM at Source By Design

RinatoMedia helped rebrand and launch all of our Business Services.
We were referred to them by some associates who they also did a fantastic job for, and so far we're happy to have chosen them to push all of our service lines. They gave us a great price for a unified Web Design and Web Hosting Package, we will definately referr them to our business contacts.
Ammar Azam - View Work
CEO of OWG Group Plc

RinatoMedia never fail to deliver on time with 100% satisfaction.
They also deal with all our Web Hosting which is something I don't have time to deal with. Overall, I'm very happy with their professional and friendly services, they're a great bunch of down to earth people dedicated to their profession.
Steve Mayne - View Work
MD at IPR Capital